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 The Chronicles Origins: Queen of the Mystics

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: Queen of the Mystics    Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:31 pm

After the first war
Many demons and angels were forgotten
Alone without a home to go back to
Some decided to stay for the thirst of blood
Others just wanted to fit in with those left behind

Lisa was not your ordinary girl
She was the spawn of angel and demon
Created by forbidden love of darkness and light
She was to be known as the first mystic

Mystics composed of angels with demon powers
Or demons that used the art of light
Either way, considered outcasts-
To Diablos and the Arch
Lisa's goal was to find her kind among humanity
To bring them together in their own realm
Where with the powers of illusion
Fight against those who exiled them

Due to a mixture of powers, her birth led to a new race
A race with the power of dreams and mystery
She could mix light and darkness at her whim
To create powers no element could comprehend
That was the true power of a mystic

Called upon by Cid- she stood firm on the Council
No members had any idea of what powers she possessed
But knew she was born with great potential
Father was an Angel, Mother a Demon
Cid knew that her ability to manipulate reality
Would serve purpose on the fate of the Universe

Since little is known of her- some believe she has no army
Others say that she embodies many souls to create one
Through her illusion and bending of reality

Mirage is her only bodyguard
His origins and memories were on her hands
He too is a mystic
One with the power to change shape
Confuses his foes with fragments of imagination
And fights with memories they may hold within

The only Celestial guards given were her siblings:
Sister- Emily, combats hand to hand
Her weapons consisted of spinning hand braces
And armor equipped with floating Lasers
That functioned by her energy flow
She could mend energy as she pleased
Though she refers to fight close ranged

Brother- Kalan, combats with magic
With twin rapiers Heaven and Hell
He specializes in strategy and speed
Able to dodge most moves
He dances with sharp steps
Representing true fusion
Of elements light and darkness

As mysterious as she is
Lisa has the ability to bend reality
Seamlessly fighting through illusion
Weapons- not known
Specialty- Hiding
The Council believes she has never been touched
She holds no scars- she shows no blood
All they know is that she had power
If one is to challenge her
They would not know how to fight

While some Council members watch their guard
Others laugh at the competition
Fear did not show from the Dragon King
Nor from Diablos and Archangel who shunned her kind
Her revenge was upon them
She just had to wait for her chance to strike...

With the last origin to come soon
We are almost to the Second War
Soon battles will wage and stories will unfold
Battles will wage and lives will be lost
The fate of the Universe is at stake
The time to act is soon approaching
Until next time...


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The Chronicles Origins: Queen of the Mystics
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