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 The Chronicles Origins: Gallows

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: Gallows   Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:02 am

Gallows’ story begins and ends in the First war
Not only was he the prize of the war, he was the executioner
He spent days, slaying angels and demons, humans and gods
No one had ever imagined a swordsman so skilled
Yet nobody noticed the key was his eyes

His looks did not matter, most of the time he mimicked his enemies
His age stopped the grim reaper, and his health was irrelevant to his will
As for battle, if an enemy were to see his eyes, they would meet twin blades
Their name- of course, The Gallows suited for a quick death
He marked his ground and gave honor to those who put a good fight
Those fighters will later be known as The Gates of the Gallows.

So how did the war end
After seven days of endless fighting, Gallows finally met his match
He met a young demi-god named Sylph, once known as the God of Wind
He gave up his immortality to find a life on Earth
Zeus saw so much promise in Sylph and begged him not to leave
He declined high ranks due to reasons of self-affirmation
He wanted to know the pains and happiness of humanity

Gallows was made an immortal-mortal by universal law
Sylph become one by choice, steaks were even, but Gallows had advantage
With a smile on his face Gallows struck, turning into Sylph with the eyes
Adaptation stood into effect, making Gallows learn every move and strike
What Gallows didn’t know- Sylph had eyes of his own
When their swords clashed, the wind stopped

Gallows had entered Purgatory, nothing existed, only him and Sylph
Wind Vision- the power to negate all power, except one strike
A duel with no tricks- The Council knew not of the outcome
When the deed was done, Gallows and Sylph were dead
No matter the draw, the war had ended, being a human at time Cid won

Cid promised to leave humanity to rule the Earth.
Gallows was revived and took his honorable kills to make The Gates
Zeus was angered by Sylphs display and exiled him with Gallows to The Gates
The Reaper was disappointed by the lack of souls and made preparation for the Second War
Diablos left many of his demons on Earth without Cid’s permission
The Archangel could not save all of his angels, they were later called- The Fallen

And with that, story unfolds, the first war done, history makes more sense after the Second
The other four origins lead to the second war.
Our main protagonist will make his appearance after the second
He will influence the events leading to the third
Until our next Origin, we await the Lesser Council
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The Chronicles Origins: Gallows
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