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 The Chronicles Origins: Keepers of Time

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: Keepers of Time    Wed May 29, 2013 8:22 pm

Chronos and Kairos knew Past, Present, and Future
They embodied knowledge beyond universal law
Even knowledge that Cid was unaware of
Through this reasoning, they acted quickly
Making a deal with the Grimm Reaper to correct balance
This was the only way to stopping the rule of The Gallows

The Deal was simple
Vulu was to protect the sons of time
In exchange for the souls of Chronos and Kairos
After the second war had ended
Already knowing the outcome
Chronos and Kairos had nothing to lose

The Grimm Reaper hated losing
He knew the souls of time would protect him and the future
At the same time- the sons would inherit the ability
So it was on Vulu's hands to not only watch
But to maintain the power of the prodigies of time
This failed after the events of the second war

As the deal was made, Vulu created Shaman monks in his image
Being a voodoo god, creating hollow monks would be easy
These monks had the ability to null time at the seams
Their weakness- they were born to protect keepers of time
The monks had amazing physical strength as well as holy magic
They believed in the 10 hands of the Shaman way
All created under the fake shaman, Vulu himself
The difference between their power and Vulu's
Holy magic versus voodoo magic
Polar opposites when in battle
Yet immortal when brought together

The first son of time would be Alexander- son of Chronos
He had the ability to mend time while shifting through the seams
Physical strength harnessed by secret training of the monks
He was titled Celestial Guard by the training of Apollo
Who found him after the second war
Which gave him the power to manipulate space as well
Not only was he cursed of receiving images of the future
But also by falling in love with the daughter of space- Luna
Chronos soon became the strongest Lesser of the Council
After the events of the second world war

On the other plain, stood the son of Kairos- Tempest
He was abandoned after the second war
Left to die from the curse of the Grimm Reaper
It was Demise who lifted him from death
To live, Tempest had to absorb the darkness
To seek vengeance for being isolated
And to kill what was left of the Reaper
Demise gave the power of darkness to Tempest
In exchange for protection from the members of Council
This relationship created a new Celestial Guard
Tempest had the same powers as Alexander
Instead of space manipulation-
Tempests used time to shift physical objects
He could only shift using the objects he moved
With darkness by his side and the blade of Kairos
Tempest could practically move anything anywhere
Including himself

Alexander wielded the sword of time- Chronos
And flies with the wings of Chronos and Kairos
With darkness engulfing his heart
Tempest gave up one wing of Kairos
To replace it with the wing of darkness
Taking the lost wing- he believed his brother died
To the hands of The Grimm Reaper
He vowed to avenge his brother's untimely "Demise"
That is what started a new age of Council after the second war

Vulu was troubled- Both time keepers had shifted sides
Neither son fell into the hands of The Grimm Reaper
In response- Vulu created three sons
Adrian would be given to Demise to watch Tempest
Sunko and Calko were the top Shaman guards
Who ended up defying Vulu for Voodoo greed
They opposed the Shaman way
Wishing to succeed their creator and father
In the Voodoo way of the monkey- Sunko
In the Voodoo way of the bird- Calko
Only united together could they kill their father
Vulu had failed to control time
With no one to blame but himself
He had one objective on his mind
Kill Apollo for taking Alexander
and absorb Apollo's soul to kill The Gallows

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The Chronicles Origins: Keepers of Time
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