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 The Chronicles Origins: The Archangel

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: The Archangel    Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:18 pm

When an angel falls, it is exiled from the heavens
The Archangel knew the Grimm Reaper would not hold back for long
Arch decided to make drastic action in response to The Unknown
Photos, the eldest son, would be made a key as tribute for The Unknown
Helios, the second son, would take the throne if Arch fell to the Reaper
Angelica, the daughter, would be made one of the few chosen- Celestial Guardian

Those chosen to be a Celestial Guardian would be trained to protect the Council
They were identified by their wings; their wings were their lives, their power
Symbol of Justice and fear towards the Council
Gallows was the influence of these secret soldiers
Cid was the giver of the original wings
Only Council leaders knew of their own Celestial Guards
Not all Council members owned the Guards
Some were even hidden from their own Council Leader

Not only did The Archangel own a Key and a Celestial Guard
He also owned four immortal weapons of Zeus
Photos, being the strongest of light, was given the sun sword, Ragnarok
This sword known for ultimate holy strikes, and burns when wielder uses pure light
Helios, being known for Holy Defense and Intelligence, was given pure power
The weapon, known of legends as Excalibur 2, a complete form of its brother sword
Helios was chosen for throne because of his defense, Excalibur 2 only suited a king
Excalibur 1 was left as a gift for Earth’s Lesser, mentioned later as Elite
Finally the daughter, Angelica, was given the holy sword of healing
She was named after the holy sword, Angelica, for good reason
This sword had the power to repel all darkness, and heal any ally in battle
The more she healed, the more powerful in attacking the sword became

The only drawbacks were that all the weapons took great energy to use
Except- The one weapon that mastered all holy weapons, of course- The Ark
Named after the Archangel himself, it had powers of all three holy Swords
But like the Deathscythe of the Grimm Reaper, if The Archangel were to perish
The sword would break instantly, with only the soul of the sword remaining
This fact will be very important after the second war

After the second war, these Three Angels will become significant
They mold the Realm of Light and will bring Judgment to the Earth
Now that Light is explained, Darkness is no different
Until the next Origin, we almost hit the Lesser Council
Then move on to the Second Universal War
Chronicles of the Universe will continue
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The Chronicles Origins: The Archangel
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