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 The Chronicles Origins: Zeus

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: Zeus   Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:44 pm

Being immortal does not mean you cannot feel pain
Zeus knew that a second war was soon approaching
The Electric pulse within his soul could determine troubles ahead
He decided that after the Second war, he would retire as ruler of immortals
In his place, he declared that the Gods would fight for his crown
Zeus knew who had competitive edge, for it was he who made the weapons of war
Every immortal that bears a divine weapon was given as gift by Zeus

Now immortals themselves, they carry magical power that is categorized as divine
Their earthly counterparts were inferior and elements were not limited to physical boundary
Zeus for example, known for divine Lightning, created weaponry for others.
The other combatants, well, each masters of divinity, they knew well of war

Ares, God of War, known for Divine Physical Strength and his weapon, The War Axe
Poseidon, God of the Seas, known for Divine Water, carries the Trident
Hades, God of Fire, known for Divine Fire, carries The Whip, Scourge
Terre, God of the Lands, known for Divine Earth, carries a Boomerang, Sand Devil
Sylph, God of Wind, was exiled along with his Sword, Sephora

Other Gods were chosen to compete as well, but mentioned were Zeus’ highest ranks
Although Zeus had many prospects, his rules were vague and the Council intervened
Diablos sent younger brother, Demise, and advisor, Mistress Oblivion, to fight
The Archangel, sent sons and daughter, Photos, Helios and Angelica to the arena
The Grimm Reaper, God of Death, joined the battle with Zeus’ gift, the Deathscythe
What many didn’t know- two more fighters were favored for winning the crown
Zeus had another son, Zelos, who developed the attribute of divine Lighting as well.
While others took advantage of Zeus’ gifts, Zelos relied fully on fists and the Lightning
By far Zelos is the fastest and smartest immortal
He paralyzed his foes and crippled them using speed and strength

The other- princess Ozma, God of Sin and Discord, hermit to the other Gods
Her abilities were unpredictable and the other gods knew nothing of her power
Her weapon, from Zeus, the Claws- Sin and Discord, given out of pity of her isolation
She was favored due to neutrality of the others- like Gallows, all she fed on was war itself

Like the first war, this battle changed the fate of the Universe for a siege of power
Cid enjoyed the idea- Gallows remained indifferent and had no intent to join
The pieces are set and soon the game was played with the outcome being a twist of fate
More origins to come, this war has a place in The Chronicles as a sub story
When we learn of the Lesser Council, the winner will be announced
Until next time- We will head to the next Origin, Grimm and the Unknown
The Unknown- not an abstract, but a being- a monster, a tool, the Immortal Killer
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The Chronicles Origins: Zeus
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