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 The Chronicles Origins: The Grimm Reaper

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: The Grimm Reaper   Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:46 pm

Death was the weakest of the Immortals
His power was merely to give death to mortals, a useless ability to fight against immortals
However, The Reaper had a powerful weakness that also became his greatest strength
Funny enough, The Grimm Reaper had a gambling obsession
Although weak in battle, he loved to win challenges and make deals with others
He hated to lose

His addiction to gamble stroke the interests of certain immortals and The Council
With Master Cid and Gallows- he made a deal to make a creation to kill immortals
With Zeus, he made a deal to not kill an immortal unless given offered a challenge by one
With Diablos and The Archangel, to reap the souls of humans on Earth
Those humans who died through kindness would become angels
Those who died with dark intentions would become demons

In the Grimm Reaper’s branch of the council, his followers were not many
His advisor was the immortal Hades
His bodyguards- the Voodoo God, Vulu, and the Forth Key, Apocalypse
The rest of the army- left over angels and demons from war
And treasured souls of the Grimm Reaper

So story goes that a Lesser Council would be created to regulate the universe
The Grimm Reaper was not pleased
He would be the one to start the second war, the war to bring down all the Council
To start his plan, he simply made various deals piece by piece
His greatest plan, the immortal killer, The Unknown
With the help from Cid and Gallows, he shook for the deal
The Unknown would be the shadow of Gallows and be controlled by Gallows himself
Cid would be invincible from attacks by The Unknown

The Unknown was immortal and had to be regulated, so it had rules
One, if an immortal stayed immortal outside their realm, The Unknown would be released
Two, if a mortal became an immortal outside the immortal realm, The Unknown would be released
Three, to regulate control of The Unknown, he would be bounded by seven keys

Each branch other than Cid and Gallows gave tributes to lock The Unknown
The keys chosen were those strong enough to keep The Unknown’s full powered sealed
The Seven Keys have their own story with The Unknown
So once The Unknown had been placed, Seven fighters were useless to fight
The Grimm Reaper took this opportunity to attack

Once the immortals left their realm
Death would surely knock on their doors
For if immortality had shown its head, The Unknown would take them away
Into the cold emptiness, The Realm of Unknown
Until next time, we will see the war, and further our story
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The Chronicles Origins: The Grimm Reaper
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