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 The Chronicles Origins: Keeper of Space, Galaxus

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: Keeper of Space, Galaxus    Tue May 28, 2013 10:40 pm

She was the beauty of Space
Her elegance had seduced the 12 constellations
Into giving her diverse powers as a being of light
Without her appeal; she had planets, galaxies, comets
Even the ability to mend black holes to her image
She was given the opportunity to be a Lesser

By gift of the Universe, she gave birth to three
The first, Apollo, future God of Space
Chosen as the first celestial being of the Lessers
His eyes gave him control of the 12 spirits of the stars
His power was feared by even the higher members
In particular, Vulu, of Grimm's right hand felt a grudge
For Apollo did not fear any of the Council's threats
And claimed himself the second strongest of the Guards
Only to be undermined by The Gallows

The second, Orion, rouge of the siblings
Trained under his brother Apollo to be his future Guard
When Galaxus was ever to fall

Orion always felt weak compared to Apollo
Although he has the unique ability to manipulate Space
It was not enough to take down his brother's 12 forms
Like his mother, Orion could mend black holes
He was given the abilities of three spirits- his belt
And wielded a mighty sword but relied heavily on his spirits
His style matched Apollo- but his brothers strength, unmatched
Yet he had two extra spirits- the red sun, Betelgeuse
and the black sun created of the powers from Galaxus
This becomes important later

Finally- the daughter Luna
Given the powers of the moons, comets, and planets
Her beauty matched her mother's
This seduction gave her the power to control the planets
Solarus- Guardian of the sun was her keeper
Her other ability was to wield the 12 weapons
Weapons possessed by those her mother seduced
It was fate that Luna was a keeper of Space
She fell in love with the future keeper of Time

All three are important to the story
Their tales will grow just like space expands itself
With the other Lessers, the Origins reveal more and more
As the plot thickens, we soon approach the second war
Until next time, may the stars shine bright
On those who wield the 12 constellations

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The Chronicles Origins: Keeper of Space, Galaxus
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