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 Sweet Whispers

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PostSubject: Sweet Whispers    Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:54 pm

The night hath never brought me content
She took me grasped with mouth and arm
My life- a vessel with soul had spent
With searing pain- her love, her charm

My torment ended in a whisper
Thou should have seen the face
To sweet lullaby, warm and tender
That switches caution to embrace

"Darkness" she laughed, "What does thou hear"
My eyes could not move, I woke up blind
"I am thine friend, thy weakness is fear!"
My screams were in vain, I had lost my mind

Holding her, I whispered out my will
"Just give me peace and let me die"
She shook her head, and kept me still
Then she spoke, "Let me show thee why"

The darkness fled- I killed her, the visage smiled red
I whispered out- "Don't fear my dear, Darkness wants thee dead"

- The Admin, The Poet Code
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Sweet Whispers
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