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 The Chronicles Origins: The Demon King, Diablos

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Origins: The Demon King, Diablos    Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:44 pm

The more appropriate term for a demon would be “tool of war”
That is what Diablos believed
His strongest demons were actually used as personal weapons before the first war
His Sword, was the demon, Nightmare- in our story known for Demonic arm
His Shield, known as Fear, able to hypnotize the enemy and repel most attacks
His Bow, Nightshade, son of Nightmare, known for speed and twin blade
Finally, his Hooks, Despair, son of Fear, known for traps and cunning
These were the main weapons of the Demon King
The only problem was that he released his weapons for the war
He was defenseless and knew that The Grimm Reaper would soon eradicate him
So it was decided that his armor, Demise, would take the throne as the new Demon King

Demise did not like to be associated with his brother Diablos though
Demise looked more humanlike than any demon- Just his powers originate from darkness
However, his darkness was not evil, not born of hatred or vengeance
Simply, it was only personified as a different source of power
Demise did not need to feast on innocence, but instead accepted Darkness as identity
Demise was very competitive in combat, and fought evenly with many immortals
He was taught hand to hand combat by the Voodoo God himself
Learning of his alliance with The Reaper, Demise pitied Vulu
He decided to marry Diablos advisor, Oblivion
Together they would rule the Darkness bearing a powerful son
The demonic son, the first key, was to be named Armageddon
Their son was to be stronger than Prince Photos of the Angels
The only problem was that Armageddon was consumed by Darkness
His eyes mimicked that of The Grimm Reaper as if he were born to be tribute
Oblivion cried for her son and asked to be placed as tribute as well
Cid did not refuse her wish and made her the key before Photos
She wanted to be as close to her son as much as any mother would
Demise was furious- he now had a reason to breathe in the Darkness
He swore to his brother for making his family keys, he would make sure he rotted
Away in the emptiness of The Unknown
Diablos laughed stating it was destiny for him to die- for his tools would soon return

Demise decided to take advantage of the second war
Instead of recollecting his army out of lost demons
He would only collect those capable of harnessing pure darkness
His only branch were what was left and the chosen three
Demise himself carried a demonic weapon and remaining demons left from war
The Halberd of Darkness, Chaos- Diablos could not control this weapon like Demise could
That was his last resort, when his dark strength was not enough

Then these chosen three, Celestial Guards of Darkness
Chosen after the second war
All these warriors connected to the heart of the council
Demise would soon rise up
Not for the sake of darkness, but to bring his family back
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The Chronicles Origins: The Demon King, Diablos
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