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 The Chronicles Sub-Story: The Unknown and the Seven Keys

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PostSubject: The Chronicles Sub-Story: The Unknown and the Seven Keys   Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:08 pm

The Unknown- Shadow of Gallows
Held by Seven Keys (Refer to Origins: Grimm)
Keys strong enough to keep The Unknown sealed
Locked from unlimited power of the emptiness
In order of power, The Tributes are as follows:

Seven- Given by The Reaper, The Heartless- silent killer with Crooked Blade chained to his heart
Six- Given by Zeus, The hermit Ozma, with weapons Sin and Discord, nothing else is known of her
Five- Given by Zeus, The wizard Asper, known as the God of Magic and granting immortality
Four- Given by The Reaper, his main soldier, Apocalypse, wears a shroud and holds the Chain Sickle
Three- Given by Diablos, Mistress Oblivion, Wife of Demise, holds the crescent staff, Eclipse
Two- Given by the Archangel, eldest and strongest son, Photos, holder of the Ragnarok
One- Given by Diablos, the strongest key, Armageddon, Son of Demise, holds no weapon

If all keys are to break, it would be up to Cid and Gallows to stop The Unknown
The givers of tributes were responsible for holding the keys
Tributes are not permitted to battle unless the keys were broken
That was the deal made between The Grimm Reaper and the rest of the Council
The Unknown was created to limit power of the immortals outside their realm
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The Chronicles Sub-Story: The Unknown and the Seven Keys
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