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 Staring into the Future

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PostSubject: Staring into the Future    Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:57 pm

What goes on with in the mind, right before that kiss
The mind goes through shift of attention, quickly think of this
You gave thine lips, she expects a hug, hold hands before a date
The spirit is broken and eyes are numb- tensions of love create

To fear the worst, don’t break her heart, she wants to be together
With open mind, hath crossed apart- idea eternally scarred forever
Who is thine demon, a heartless being- lack of sincerity by the word
To make sad oath for ye shall not release, clearly thy slander-absurd

Do not try to regret, alas forget, that in her memory pertain
For in her mind, after that kiss, thine spirit in her heart remain
Body trembling, thou hath made a mistake- for how does thee recover
Knowing that this girl that stole thine kiss, is not one of another

That’s right, plot twist- this girl thou loved, left thee for a lie
She broke the vain that made you sane, other mind left to die
So enjoy this curse ye blessed man, for this will increase unrest
To kiss a girl who just found love, when thou hath nothing in thine chest

-The Admin, The Poet Code
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Staring into the Future
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