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 The Black Birds

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PostSubject: The Black Birds    Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:54 pm

I saw a murder today, but not the one caused by death
Please heed my words, be alarmed- caws scream “kill” in every breath
Oh no, understand why I say- Crows are an ominous spy of the skies
Trust me when I think aloud- The worst part is their eyes

Don’t get me wrong, I admire the bird, the pack label suits them well
If thou feel watched, or torn by heart, expect black aviary from hell
Now by all means, this is interesting, to title a murder for a pack
But does thou wonder of the raven, who “Nevermore” is faded black

The group tag for the other, raven, when at cases they are intact
“Unkindness” or “Conspiracy” by the behaviors which they act
What kind of author praises unkindness- by thoughts which they may see
Clearly it is more relevant by voice, to call these birds a conspiracy

I have always pondered of these birds, as a unit they perceive a scare
For Darkness dwells against the wind, creating ‘mares within the air
Don’t underestimate the birds of Lore- they hold me at the seams
For if not strike within thine hearts, surely they haunt thee in thine dreams

-The Admin, The Poet Code
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The Black Birds
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